Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 6 Flower Field, photo by: Jennifer Nitzky
Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 6 Flower Field, photo by: Jennifer Nitzky


The NYC Pollinator Working Group networks and collaborates to conserve beneficial pollinating insects and the resources they need to survive. Our members work on a variety of projects that support pollinator habitat in public and private spaces, provide educational outreach on pollinator protection, and develop advocacy programs and policies around pollinator conservation. Our goal is to be a model for creating pollinator sustainability in urban environments.



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Saturday, September 25, 2021 from 3 – 6pm; film screenings at 3pm & 8pm
LOCATION: Various locations on and around the High Line


Insectageddon is a collective performance and call to action presented by artist and poet Cecilia Vicuña. The event addresses the devastating loss of insect populations around the world due to the immense scale of toxic industrial farming, pesticides, and habitat destruction. Insectageddon celebrates the millions of insects that visit and make their home on the High Line every year. Vicuña uses the wild and lively landscape of the park to remind us of the importance of insects for maintaining our vegetal world, as well as all living beings that rely on plants to live.

NYCPWG is proud to have participated in the planning and programming for this event. Member speakers include: Sarah Ward, National Wildlife Federation; Chris Kreussling, aka “Flatbush Gardener”; Sarah Kornbluth, bee biologist and Field Associate at the American Museum of Natural History. The brochure and resource guide (click image at left) was developed by Lisa Bloodgood, Director of Advocacy and Education at Newtown Creek Alliance.

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