A big SHOUT OUT to Christina Delfico of iDig2Learn who hosted 25 NYCPWG members for our fall event on Roosevelt Island last week! Here’s some highlights…

  • Christina and friends Julia Ferguson, Anthony Longo and his son gave us a wonderful tour of the Roosevelt Island Community Garden (Roosevelt Island Garden Community) – 140 raised beds, an amazing compost system and pocket meadows were festooned with flowers, birds and butterflies!
  • Roseanne Andrade implemented a native plant seed swap in which some great species were shared and Chris Kreussling created an iNat project page just for the Roosevelt Island Garden.
  • After our garden and pocket meadow tour, we headed down to the new Cornell Tech campus and were greeted by Jane Swanson, the Community & Government Liaison from Cornell Tech, who introduced us to some of the features of the campus – which is worth a visit unto itself.
  • Finally,  we were hosted by Edie Burns and Chef (who goes by chef IG handle @afreechef) of Anything At All at the Graduate Hotel on Roosevelt Island and treated to some delicious hors d’oeuvres, wine and cocktails.

This was truly an uplifting event! The opportunity to get together in-person and enjoy an outdoor excursion was a balm for the soul.  As Christina put it, “The weather was the star!” We extend a very warm thanks to everyone involved – including the PWG Education, Outreach and Networking Committee – and also to Rick O’Conor for documenting our event on the 

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